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Posted: 11/11/06 03:54 PM
Author: anon
Location: earth
Posts: 3


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Canadian folk indie band
There was this Canadian band who used to play around coffeehouses and whatnot. There were a whole bunch of people in the band. They sang these really humorous messed up songs. I remember this one song was about either doing it in a church, or priests molesting people, or something. The band was always light hearted with its serious subject matter, making it more fun music than depressing. Does anyone know the name of the band, or some of their songs?

Posted: 11/24/06 04:07 PM
Author: Candu
Location: Canada
Posts: 101


Canadian folk indie band
Here's a couple of guesses Anon. The Barenaked Ladies and Corky and the Juice Pigs.

Aaron From OHWC
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