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Posted: 11/08/06 08:39 PM
Author: ELFF73
Location: Florida
Posts: 2


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Having trouble coming up with artist and song, pls help
Hi everyone and thanks for trying to help.

The song came out in the 80's and I was in love with it, but an ex-girlfriend at the time borrowed it just before we broke-up. The artist sounded like Stevie Nicks, in fact I remember the DJ's at the time saying after the song that, no it isn't nicks. Also there was a rumor that she was a back-up singer for Nicks, but can not prove that. I believe part of the title had victory in it. It was played on the rock channels of that time.

Thanks again.

Posted: 11/13/06 11:15 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Having trouble coming up with artist and song, pls help
Have you tried looking for your ex-girlfriend? Try www.superpages.com and click on 'People Pages' Also, what year did you first hear the song? Do you remember any lyrics at all?

The following information is an excerpt from from the link below...

4.11 Q: Who are Stevie's backup singers?

A: The two backup singers that Stevie has worked with primarily
are Lorri Perry Nicks, and Sharon Celani.

Lorri Perry Nicks, formerly Mrs. Gordon Perry, is now married to
Stevie's brother Chris Nicks. They have a daughter named Jessica,
Stevie's niece, born September 27 1991.
Lori is originally from Dallas, TX.

Sharon Celani is from Maui Hawaii, and formerly sang lead in a
band. Stevie met Sharon in 1978 when she joined Sharon onstage at the
Blue Max in Maui to perform "Poor Poor Pitiful Me." Sharon was also
wardrobe mistress for the 1979 "Tusk" tour, and lived with Stevie in
1980 in LA.
Susan and Diana's Sharon Celani Page

Mindy Stein became one of Stevie's backup singers in the late
nineties. She holds a Bachelors in Music from the University of Miami,
has sung backup for Don Henley, and currently teaches voice at the
Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena CA.


Posted: 11/14/06 01:11 PM
Author: ELFF73
Location: Florida
Posts: 2


Having trouble coming up with artist and song, pls help
Thanks everyone who looked. If any of you were interested, the artist was Sandy Steward. She was a song writer for Stevie and sang backups with her on Nightbird. Stevie did sing on a couple of her songs from the album. Anyway the name of the song that hit the radio was Saddest Victory.

Aaron From OHWC
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