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Posted: 03/20/05 05:34 PM
Author: hubavai
Location: Hollywood, California
Posts: 21


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some people, driving too fast...
I have just heard this playing in the backround on a tv show. It has a really mellow groove with a great bass line. I have heard this many times before and it is a calssic. A man with raspy voice goes: 'Some people, driving too faaast..,(reminds me of Chris Rea) these are the first lines, the whole song is pretty much the same groove, later there is a trumpet solo too.

Does anyone know this?



Posted: 03/20/05 05:49 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


some people, driving too fast...
Artist: Freak Power

Song; Turn on, Tune in, Cop out

Year: 1993

Direct Song Clip...


Some people been driving too fast,

Some people still having a gas

But if there's one thing you gotta conceed

You gotta know who's driving your car

You get to fifth gear with you foot on the floor

Or else you're starring in " A Cruise to far "

Turn on, tun in , cop out

Let it flow now mama

Let it flow become a woman

Some people been waisting their time

Some people expanding their minds,

But if you' ve known love like the jokers before

Then you're likely to be homeon the range

No more the Cowboy gotsta flaunt his wares

He's been grazing on a different plain

It's easy to see why there's thousands of people

Are regularly turning it out

It's easy to find when you mess with your mind

That you've gona beyond a resonable doubt

CD at Amazon.com...

Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT]



Posted: 03/21/05 06:56 PM
Author: hubavai
Location: Hollywood, California
Posts: 21


some people, driving too fast...
Thnx Dan. Freak Power it is!

Aaron From OHWC
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