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Posted: 12/14/05 01:26 PM
Author: AngieV
Location: michigan
Posts: 37


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Help me out here people!!
Hey people,

Can someone please hook me up and answer my music question? I think the song is from the late 80's or the early 90's. It has a cajun vibe.... strong accordion in it. I only remember certain lines throughout the song so i hope these help. (I don't remember wich line came first)

....when she was born, the doctor spanked her behind. He said she's gonna be special...my sweet little toot toot.

Now you can look as much, but if you much as touch, your gonna have yourself a case...i'm gonna break your face!

Don't mess with my toot toot...you can have the other woman but don't mess with my toot toot!

I know it's asking alot(lol)but can anyone tell me who sings this song, if i can get it anywhere and hook me up with the lyrics? I tried a few of those partial lyric searches but had no luck. Please and thanks!!

Posted: 05/27/07 03:09 AM
Author: ASimien
Location: Chicago
Posts: 1


Help me out here people!!
Yeah Rockin Sidney recorded two different versions of "My Toot Toot". And it has been covered over 70 times so it's easy to get confused.
Posted: 07/10/07 06:22 PM
Author: spawn
Location: Canada
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Help me out here people!!
Buckwheat Zydeco - Don't Mess With My Toot Toot is the best version ever....great beat!!!
Posted: 08/16/07 09:14 PM
Author: bozobodine
Location: USA, Texas
Posts: 1


Help me out here people!!
The guy was Rockin Sidney
Posted: 05/20/08 08:24 PM
Author: flippowill
Location: md
Posts: 1


Help me out here people!!
You may have the answer now but look at kentucky country band or Denise lasalle
Posted: 06/27/08 04:26 AM
Author: bolan
Location: us
Posts: 10


Help me out here people!!
jeeze!i had to log in and sell my soul for an hour but its denise lasalle.had to be 85ish think i was about 11.had it on a single record.
Posted: 07/21/09 07:21 AM
Author: Badalass
Location: Orpington
Posts: 1


Help me out here people!!
I have a version by Mini Haha and the Ribticlkers - female vocals - on a CD of comady songs called Just for a Laugh. There are a couple of vids using this song on Youtube - I don't know about Clipser.

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